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semiconductor thaermoelectric material

Release time:2018-01-25

The semiconductor thermoelectric material (English Name: semiconductor thermoelectric material) refers to a semiconductor material with a larger thermoelectric effect, also called a thermoelectric material. It can directly convert heat energy into electric energy, or directly from electric energy to produce cooling.

Preparation method editing

The preparation methods of semiconductor thermoelectric materials are roughly as follows:

(1) powder metallurgy. Suitable for mass production, the material has high mechanical strength and homogeneous composition. It is easy to make thermoelectric components of various shapes. Its disadvantage is that it destroys the crystalline orientation, and the material density is small, so that it can not get high thermoelectric properties.

(2) melt crystallization method. The operation of the equipment is simple, and the crystal of single crystal or a few large grains can be obtained by strict control. The material has good properties. The shortcoming is that it is not suitable for mass production, the mechanical strength of the material is poor and the cutting material consumes much.

(3) continuous casting method. It is suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that the cost of the equipment is large and it is not easy to control.

(4) regional melting method. High quality single crystal material can be obtained, and the impurity distribution is uniform. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive and it is not suitable for mass production.

(5) the method of single crystal drawing. High quality single crystal can be obtained, but the structure of the single crystal furnace is complex. The shortcoming is that it is not suitable for mass production.

(6) thin film is obtained by epitaxial method. The method is currently used for the growth of Bi2Te3 films.

Application domain editor

Semiconductor thermoelectric materials for preparing thermoelectric generator, has been applied to the coast of the lamps, lights, buoys border communication power oil pipeline no relay station power supply and power supply and field carrying submarine exploration, spacecraft and satellites with all kinds of power.

Semiconductor thermoelectric refrigeration materials are used to manufacture various types of semiconductor thermoelectric cooler, such as various small cryostat, thermostat, dew point thermometer, electronic device cooling, and have applications in medicine, nuclear physics, vacuum technology and so on.

Development trend

(1) a new type of semiconductor material is sought to meet the different uses and better merit coefficients.

(2) the research of materials is becoming more and more deep, such as adding P type Sb2Te3 to Bi2Se3, making up four yuan alloy and getting better Z value.

(3) develop the material preparation process to obtain the best structure. For example, Bi2Te3 and its base solid solution in the crystal structure is thetetradymite type structure, strong direction, parallel to the cleavage plane conductivity Sigma is perpendicular to the cleavage planes of 4 ~ 10 times, the thermal conductivity is 3 ~ 5 times, the thermoelectric figure of merit is about 2 times. So the orientation of crystal cooling element is the use of the characteristics of crystal.

(4) with a variety of materials, according to the different working temperature range, improve the value of the value of the coefficient.

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